Alli Diehl

BACK GAME AUDIO View IMDb Profile Alli was born and raised in Los Angeles. Growing up, she was always drawn to the arts. Whether it was singing in her school choir or directing school plays, she would always find a way to be in a creative environment. With her mother working in the voice over […]

Carlon Assells

BACK GAME AUDIO View IMDb Profile Carlon is a second-generation sound editor that has been working in the industry since he was an infant…as a series of baby sound effects. Since then he has explored music and sound design a little more, working on set and in post for independent and low-budget productions and playing […]

Dan Francis

BACK GAME AUDIO View IMDb Profile Dan has been an audio professional for over 14 years, working on a variety of projects in music, TV, film, and games. As a graduate of Middle Tennessee State’s Recording Industry – Audio Production program, he started his career in Nashville working as a recording engineer. In 2008, he […]

Dutch Hill

BACK GAME AUDIO View IMDb Profile Dutch has a diverse sound background with extensive experience as a recording engineer, recording Dialogue, ADR, and Voice Over. He has worked on or supervised audio for Feature Films, Super Bowl Television Commercials, and Video Games. Dutch has also Supervised, Designed, Implemented and Mixed 4D Location Based Entertainment Venues […]

Garrett Montgomery

BACK GAME AUDIO View IMDb Profile Garrett began his career at a Toronto recording facility and audio restoration house over 19 years ago. While employed as a sound engineer and producer, Garrett worked with singer/songwriters, bands and voice actors. He specialized in analogue recording techniques and vintage microphones. Garrett is a sound editor, sound designer, […]

Matt Klimek

BACK GAME AUDIO View IMDb Profile Matt graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in Sound Design in 2011. As a MPSE member working in the industry since 2012, Matt has gathered sound design experience from an eclectic array of sources including feature films, television, and theme parks. Since establishing himself […]

Tom Ozanich

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Rob Reider

Rob Reider

BACK GAME AUDIO View IMDb Profile Rob is an LA based composer, sound designer/editor for film, television and multimedia. Originally a drummer/pianist, he cut his teeth recording and playing drums, synths, and guitars in the Orlando, Fl punk rock scene. Through his connections in the music scene and after scoring a handful of short films […]