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Projection Services /Screening Rooms

Warner Bros. Post Production Services offers eight studio screening rooms located on the Warner Bros. Studio lot in Burbank, CA. Ranging in size from 13 to 516 seats, these screening theatres can accommodate most formats including 35mm and 70mm film, high definition tape and digital formats.

The Warner Bros. Studio Screening Rooms operate the most advanced 2k and 4k resolution digital cinema DLP projectors. We can playback Digital Cinema DCPs in 2k and 4k resolutions. We can run most high definition linear and non-linear formats, HDCam SR, AVID and QuickTime.

Our projection screening facilities can be used to screen dailies and feature film movies. Our screening rooms can accommodate company meetings with PowerPoint and Keynote speeches. Our Projection Services Department provides technical support and projection engineering services for Off-Lot screenings and exhibition venues. Our projection staff will help ensure that your product is presented in accordance with industry technical standards to achieve a performance of the highest possible quality.



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