Foley Stage

FOLEY STAGE BACK The Foley stage offers custom sound effects and design to enhance and define your soundtrack. Our Foley Artists and Mixers bring their award-winning expertise to your project.

ADR Stage 6

ADR 6 ADR 6 BACK STAGE SIZE (apprx) 17’ long x 14’ wide x 10.5’ high CONTROL ROOM (apprx) 21’ long x 15’ wide x 9’ high CONSOLE Euphonix Artist Series Mellennia HV-35 with custom interface to Pro Tools to allow dual track recording for overload protection Video capture during record for capturing facial expressions Skype, Source […]

ADR Stage 5

ADR 5 ADR 5 BACK STAGE SIZE (apprx) 19’ long x 14’ wide x 14’ high CONTROL ROOM (apprx) 15’ long x 10’ wide x 9.5’ high CONSOLE Avid D-Command True systems precision 8 mic preamp Custom WB ADR system records natively to Pro Tools Logging backup provided by separate machine with LTC time stamp DOWNLOAD SPEC