Scanner Make  Model Available Formats Highest Resolution 
LaserGraphics Director 65 35mm, 65mm  10K 
LaserGraphics Director 4K35mm, 16mm  4K 
Thompson  Spirit 4K  35mm, VistaVision 4K (6K VistaVision) 
Filmlight  Northlight  35mm, VistaVision 8K (12K VistaVision) 
Warner Bros. Post Production Creative Services is an industry leader in film restoration, all stemming from our state-of-the-art film scanners and services. With capturable resolutions as high as 10K and incomparable image quality and stability from 16mm, 35mm, negatives and interpositives, our scanning and recording department has worked on beloved and classic films from the WB vault such asThe Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, and Citizen Kane.

After scanning, MPI offers assistance in removing dirt, scratches, grain, fading, and film damage. We then implement our color management systems to create the most pristine picture possible.” In conjunction with the grid of scanners that is already on the page.


Scanning and Recording